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What is BPO?
Business Process Outsourcing is the leveraging of technology or specialist process vendors to provide and manage an organisation's critical and/or non-critical enterprise processes and applications.

– Wikipedia

It is not only what you do, but more and more with WHOM and HOW. Technological versatility alone is insufficient to ensure that a BPO project is successful.


Addressing Risks

As the outsourcing model continues to grow in importance in today's globalized business environment, the need to mitigate the associated risks with outsourcing partners must be minimized.



One size fits all?

Today's landscape is littered with BPO providers, all of whom seem to come to the party with the same mantra - CUT COSTS. 


Shared Services to Process Outsourcing

Many global organizations have thought of the benefits of Shared Services, and in a visionary manner have set up Shared Service Centers in low cost countries.



Outsourcing is invariably synonymous with relocating certain processes to a place where the cost of doing business is less expensive than it is in Europe or America.  The need to outsource is about both cost cutting and boosting revenue. 

With a defined, well managed team in place and procedures that have been designed to achieve optimal efficiency, it becomes easier for you to maximize your bottom line.

Momax Maximizes!
BPO Transforms Companies

Due to increasing globalization and competition, companies are forced to reduce costs. As a reaction to the continuously changing market, BPO delivers the urgently needed flexibility. The BPO provider takes over business processes in the administration and customer service fields, as for example in financial accounting (accounts payable and receivable), in HR (salary payment processing) or in material management.

As a consequence, the client companies' management will be able to refocus and concentrate on their core operations. The outsourcing does not only increase the efficiency, but also leads to a better cost-management. The analysis of the business processes gives a better overview and a greater cost transparency. Thus, fixed costs can be transformed into variable costs, for example charging on the basis of one FTE-day or per single transaction. Furthermore, a transfer of the business transactions to countries with lower wages adds to greater cost efficiency. 

Transformation occurs also in IT, because the specific branch know-how of the service provider allows state-of-the-art technology to be integrated.

Last but not least, customer service can be optimised through nearshore or offshore locations that enable a 24-hours-availability of the service staff.

BPO transforms your company: it drives the process improvements, reduces costs and, after all, delivers innovation.
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